The Extractor! The Life Saving All in One Tool – Window Ice Scraper, Seatbelt Cutter, Window Breaker, Hex Bit Drivers & Self Defense Tool for Car (2)

reviews of self defense products, quality self defenseMade in America with quality construction, this is a quality self defense product you need to buy today. Seriously, you do not want to wait a moment longer to get this incredible life saving and self defense tool in your hands. You will feel so much more secure and confident as you go out into the world knowing it is with you.

With this tool, you do not ever need to be concerned about personal safety in most situations ever again. This one tool takes care of most of the more common survival and safety situations in which people may find themselves. It is a competent, easy to use tool that is there for you when ever moment counts in protecting your safety or that of a loved one.

The inventor of this tool devised the idea for it after a car accident in 2005 left him trapped in an upside down car that was on fire. His tools, which he would normally use to free himself, were in the back of the car, and out of his reach. A family who drove by him on the interstate stopped and used a knife to break the glass on the driver’s side window, cut through his seat belt, and pull him out to safety, saving his life. He then realized that everyone needs a tool that can do the same thing for them, but that they can have within easy reach should they require it.

This is a survival tool, as well as a self defense tool. You can use it for the things that saved the inventor’s life….breaking glass on car windows and cutting through seat belts to allow escape from a car. You can also use it for scraping ice off of your windshield, as it has a useful tungsten carbide tip. Every car should have one of these in it, and no one should leave home without it. It is small enough that you can keep it in your car’s glove compartment, under the seat, or in the compartment many cars now have between the front seats. All of these locations put it in easy reach if you ever need it.

Not only is it a top notch survival tool, it is also a quality self defense tool. With its easy grip handle, you can use it to stab a would be assailant with the tungsten carbide tip, cut them with the blade, or use it as “brass knuckles) to punch them and make it hurt enough to give you time to get away. A would be assailant who is in pain is not going to be chasing you until the pain subsides. Use it on them in a sensitive area, and you will have plenty of time to get away, make it to a safe place, and call the police to deal with the perpetrator.

If you care about your safety and that of your loved ones, you will want to buy one of these for you, and for each one of them. In fact, don’t wait to make them safe. Buy one for you and all of your loved ones right here.

VIPERTEK VTS-T03 – Aluminum Series 10 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun – Rechargeable with LED Tactical Flashlight, Gunmetal Gray

reviews of self defense products, quality self defenseThis amazing quality self defense tool is actually two powerful and reliable tools in one. It is a heavy duty stun gun, and also a strong tactical flashlight. Both are excellent tools for self defense and survival. You can stun someone with the stun gun portion, find your way in the dark (or shine a light on a would-be assailant who is trying to make a move on you in the dark), and even use the flashlight as a blunt instrument to disable a would-be assailant long enough for you to get away to safety.

The flashlight portion of this tool has three hundred and fifty Lumens, and is made with type III aircraft grade aluminum alloy, which is made even more sturdy with its anti roll design. It also comes with a one hundred thousand hour bulb, so you won’t have to be concerned about changing it for a long time to come. This flashlight will be there for you when you need it.

It even has an internal rechargeable battery, so you do not have to buy expensive batteries for it if you ever need to re-power it. It is a convenient six and three-quarters inches long, so you can carry it with you anywhere, and it also comes with a lifetime warranty. The company that makes this is highly positive about the quality of its products, and it stands by them by offering this incredibly generous and confident warranty.

The stun gun portion of this dual tool is a powerhouse, too. Even if you just give it a test fire at nothing, you will find that it lights up really brightly as the current moves between the prongs, and creates a loud, intimidating electrical sound. Sometimes, just doing a test fire is enough to stop a would be assailant from approaching you.

If someone is stupid enough to approach you after you give it a test fire, they certainly will not get any closer to you once you use it on them. Just one zap from this stun gun is enough to bring down even the most powerful and determined of assailants. All you have to do is barely touch it to any bad guy (or girl), and they will go down. This will disable them long enough for you to get to a place of safety and call for law enforcement to get the evildoer off the street.

There are some states and cities that have restrictions on the type of personal protection you can carry. For this reason, this product cannot be shipped to the following locations:

  • Hawaii
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Connecticut
  • New Jersey
  • Illinois
  • New York
  • Rhode Island
  • Wisconsin
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Annapolis, MD
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Chicago, IL
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Baltimore County, MD
  • Crawford County, IA

It can be shipped anywhere else in the United States, and really is a tool you want at your side for personal protection. You can give this to friends and family as a gift, as well. Anyone you want to be protected should have one.

Pocket Keychain Knife, Kubaton Knife Self Defence Knife Outdoor Tactical Knife for Girl Men & Women (Black)

reviews of self defense products, quality self defenseQuality self defense is now at your fingertips. All you need to have the peace of mind and assurance that you are protected at all times is this handy multipurpose knife tool. Yes, you can use it for stabbing and disabling a would-be assailant, but it can also get you out of some other dangerous situations that you might not have considered.  This tool looks like it does one thing, but it actually does several highly important self defense tasks.

As an example, have you ever considered what you would do if you were trapped in your car and needed to escape it quickly? This might be because your car is submerged under water (either upside down or upright), you are trapped by a snow bank in a snow storm and cannot open your car door because of it, or you are being kidnapped and the kidnapper has put the child locks on the car doors so you can’t open them. There are other situations where you might be trapped in your car and need to get out of it quickly, but these are some of the most common.

With this tool, you can smash the glass on virtually any car window in a flash, and be outside of the car where you are safe before you know it. Because this tool is made with quality materials and is highly strong, you can break the car window without having to use much force. Just a quick jab at the glass should do it.

With an aluminum handle and a stainless steel blade, this device is easy to carry for anyone of any age or strength, and it is powerful enough to do what you need it to do with little effort on your part. It is a pocket sized keychain knife, so you can conceal it with ease, and also have it on you at all times without having to remember to bring it with you when you leave the house. The handle also has a non-slip design, so holding onto it will not be an issue, regardless of how you are using it.

Naturally, you can use this tool for stabbing and disabling a potential assailant, and it will do an excellent job at it. Because it is small, they will not see you concealing it or know you are about to use it until you do. Once you are close enough to the assailant to use it, they will be looking at you, anyway, and not at what you are holding in your hand. They will not consider anything that could be a weapon would fit in your hand like this tool does.

In addition, you can also use this quality self defense tool for camping and survival or just usefulness in the woods. It does cutting, slicing, sharpening or sticks, and even chopping just like any regular survival knife. It is easy to carry, and something you will feel good about having on you. Buy one today.

Taser Ring LED Flashlight Mini Stun Gun Pepper Spray Keychain Self Defense Bundle Kit


reviews of self defense products, quality self defense

This is a true multipurpose quality self defense tool. With the taser ring, you get not only tasing capabilities, you also receive a light to guide your way. It is handheld, so it is perfect, discreet protection for yourself or a friend or family member that you can use anytime. Keep it with you while walking the dog, getting in and out of your car, in parking lots, at school, at work, and even at home, wherever home may be.

This is a three finger hand taser ring that acts as a one hundred percent rechargeable stun gun, with non lethal, but definitely painful, stunning capabilities. It is the perfect quality self defense weapon. It is a high voltage instrument, with the maximum milliamps allowed by law, giving you superb personal protection. You can choose from a black or pink taser ring.

Not only does this multipurpose quality self defense tool act as a stun gun, it also acts as pepper spray. This is the Swiss army knife of personal protection tools. The keychain contains the strongest pepper spray tear gas available, in a police grade formula for ideal self defense to have on you at all times. Personal protection is within your hand, whenever you want or need it.

The pepper spray in this tool includes both CS and OC pepper spray, as well as a UV identifying dye, so you will be able to find the person you sprayed with ease (or law enforcement can find them). One shot of this spray reaches from ten to sixteen inches, and is strong enough to disable an assailant for about an hour, which gives you plenty of time to get a safe distance away and call law enforcement to handle the rest.

Because this is a keychain tool, and also one you can carry in your hand, it is stealthy, easily hidden, and offers you the element of surprise with any assailant who crosses your path. You can use it to protect yourself, and anyone who is with you. At three inches long, three inches wide, and one inch thick, and with a weight of only three and a third ounces, this is a quality self defense tool that will easily fit any hand size. This makes it suitable for people of all ages.

There is an exclusive lifetime defend warranty on this product. The company that makes it, U-Guard, offers this guarantee on all of its products, that is how sure it is of the quality they are offering. The company also offers free refills on the pepper spray. You don’t need to buy new pepper spray ever again with this product. Just change it out when/if you run out of it, ship it back to U-Guard, and the company will ship you a new container of it.

It is so important in this day and age to have quality self defense and personal protection products available to you. You just never know when you will need them. It is better to be prepared, than wish you had been. That is why you should buy this product today.

TI-EDC … TDM.51 … Titanium Triangle Keychain Tool

reviews of self defense products, quality self defense

If you are looking for a convenient method of self defense, that is also quite effective, this is the one. The TI-EDC keychain tool is made by hand, using lightweight titanium, which is also high in strength. This makes for an extremely high quality tool. With its attached rope, it is super easy to carry, making it simple to always have with you. Its small size means it is ideal for anyone to use. Keep it as an everyday quality self defense tool for yourself, or give it as a gift to your wife, teenage daughter, or other friends and family members who you want to keep safe.

You will find that titanium is really the way you want to go with this kind of self defense tool. Titanium is a highly shiny transition metal, which is used widely in the aerospace industry, thanks to its ability to easily handle the harsh conditions of space. It is also used in the medical industry, usually in joint implants and replacements, because it stands up easily to the normal use of the human body (it is also completely non-toxic to humans as an implant), without enduring wear and tear. This metal is practically indestructible.

Titanium also has the highest strength to density ratio of any metal. Its weight is similar to aluminum, but it is stronger than even steel. Other benefits to titanium include its corrosion resistant properties, even in ocean water and pool water; the salt and chlorine do not affect it as they do other metals. Because it is more durable than even the standby of the ancient world, gold, titanium is now a popular metal to be used in designer jewelry.

With all of these benefits going for it, why wouldn’t you want it in your quality self defense tool?

The TI-EDC brand is well known in the self defense market. It is a registered trademark name, and the company specializes in making high quality titanium products, as well as other strong, quality metal products. The company is customer oriented, meaning it strives to provide one hundred percent satisfaction every time, and it backs that up with a guarantee on its products, including this one.

This keychain took is fifty millimeters long and eight millimeters thick, and weighs thirty grams. It is easy to carry, and a must have tool for personal protection. You will find that you can use this tool for a variety of purposes. Its pointed tips make it excellent for breaking glass. You will want this ability if you are ever trapped in your car and need to escape it quickly. The tips also make wonderful stabbing devices to use on anyone who is trying to harm you….they will do enough damage and cause enough pain to allow you time to get away to safety.

In addition, the holes in the device, along with the rope, let you wrap the device around your wrist to use them as makeshift “brass knuckles.” It is both a survival tool and a quality self defense tool, and one you will want to have in your arsenal at all times. Get one today.